Town Council Members


Town HallThe Town Council consists of the Mayor and five Council members. Each is elected for a two–year term, with two members elected in even-numbered years, three in odd-numbered years. Elections are held on the first Monday in May.

Council Meetings are in the Town Hall at 10814 Kenilworth Ave on the second Monday of each month at 7:30pm unless otherwise announced. Meeting agendas are posted in the Post Office and on the Town website one week prior to the meeting. To place an item on the agenda, contact the Town Office. Meeting minutes are available from the Town Office or the Town website.

The Mayor assigns specific areas of responsibility to Council Members annually after elections. The Council members serve as liaisons regarding these areas of responsibility and communicate actions taken. The responsibilities of Town elected officials are described in Section 78-16, and 78-17 of the Town Charter.

Councilmember Name

Term Expires

Town Email Address

Kacky Chantry

May 2017

Jane McClintock

May 2018

Phil Schulp

May 2017

Hans Wegner

May 2018

Joanna Welch

May 2017