Penn PlaceGIVES began in 1973 with a group of Garrett Park residents who were determined to do something to help relieve hunger locally & internationally. And even after 41 years, the need to feed, clothe, house and provide training for those less fortunate remains at an all-time high. Our volunteers collect money once a month at the P.O. lobby and at the GP Farmer's Market.

How is my donation used?  Half of each month’s collection is sent to the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC), who promotes hunger relief and self-help projects abroad (after the hurricane in Haiti) and at home. The other half is sent to Thrive DC, a local organization helping to feed hungry men and women and provide them with support services they need to live with dignity. Also for them, GIVES collects toiletries year-round.

For further info, to volunteer or ask about Gift Donation Cards

 Rana Koll-Mandel
 Nancy Walz