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Early SpringIn 2020 the election is scheduled for Monday, May 4 and will be for  mayor and  two council members.  Voting is at Penn Place in the Post Office lobby, and polls are open from 7:00 am until 7:30 pm

Voting is by paper ballot inserted in a box, honoring the historic character of the town.  The location of the voting and the arrangement of checking in and casting ballots is intended to ensure the privacy of the voter.  The arrangements provide sufficient barriers to prevent others in the area from hearing conversations between the voters and election officials and to prevent others from observing the votes being cast.

Photography or recording of election activities is not allowed, and, except for Election Judges, the use of phones or other electronic devices by those in the vicinity of the voting area is prohibited.  Any attempts to influence or intimidate voters at the polling place are also prohibited.  On Election Day, no one may canvass, electioneer, solicit votes or post any campaign material in the polling place or within 50 feet of the entrance and exit of the polling area.