Right of Way Maps

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The Town recently completed a survey of all town streets.  The purpose of the survey was to:

  • identify the location of the right of way on all streets. The right of way is that area on both sides of the street owned by the town and where power poles, fire hydrants and other utilities are located.  Generally, the right of way width is 50 (fifty) feet across; however, that distance varies from street to street and sometimes from lot to lot.

  • determine the edge of the right of way and the corner points where each property adjacent to the right of way intersects another right of way.   The right of way, rather than being a straight line which parallels the street, varies a great deal along each street and in the past has created problems in determining exactly where the property lines are.

  • determine the location of the existing roadway edge.  In many cases the road is not precisely in the middle of the right of way.  The survey is more accurate than using the street as a measurement. This means that the area owned by the Town may be less on one side of the street and greater on the other.

  • determine the ownership of trees which are close to the right of way line.  In the past, the town has sometimes been unable to determine precisely when a tree is on town or private property.

Large format hard copies of the survey maps are available for review at the town office.  These large maps have a scale of 1” = 30’.  The scale allows you to determine the distance between two points by using a ruler to measure the distance.  Every inch on the map will correspond to 30 feet on the ground. 

Please note that when you look at a survey map on a device screen or download a map, the scale may not apply because the size of the map is different from the original.  If you have a question about a map please call or come by the Town office to get accurate information.

In order to review a map, simply click on the map title.  To locate a specific property, you may need to view several maps to find the exact property location. On the lower right side of each map is a legend which explains all of the abbreviations and symbols.  If you have questions regarding the legend, call the Town office at 301-933-7488.

 Street Name  Maps       (some Streets have multiple views)              
 Garrett Park  Whole Town ROW Map

1. Albemarle Ave.

2. Albemarle, Clyde, Rokeby

 Argyle      Argyle Ave

1. Cambria Ave.

2. Cambria Ave and Raleigh Ave.


1. Clermont Ave. between Oxford and Strathmore

2. Clermont between Clermont Place and Porcupine Woods

3. 10930 Clermont to 10918 Clermont SRTS 

4. 10916 Clermont to 10902 Clermont SRTS

5.  Clermont Place and Cambria Ave

6.  Clermont Triangle, Montrose

 Clermont Place      Clermont Place
 Clyde      Clyde Ave., Albemarle, Rokeby Ave

1. Kenilworth 10700 Block, and Oxford 4400 block

2. Kenilworth 11100 Block

3. Kenilworth Ave above and below Argyle

4. Kenilworth Ave above Waverly Triangle

5. Kenilworth Ave between Strathmore and Waverly triangle

6. 11028 Kenilworth - 11014 Kenilworth SRTS

7. 11016 Kenilworth - 11002 Kenilworth SRTS

8.  Kenilworth between Albemarle and Clyde

9.  Kenilworth between Clyde and Rokeby


1.  Keswick North of Strathmore, Cambria by pool

2.  Keswick South of Oxford


1. Montrose Between Argyle and Waverly

2. Montrose North of Strathmore

3. Waverly to 10943 Montrose SRTS (east side)

4. 10943 Montrose to Clermont SRTS (east side)

5. 10939 Montrose to Clermont SRTS (east side)

6. 10933 Montrose to Clermont Corner SRTS (east side)

7. Montrose South of Strathmore

8. Montrose South of Oxford


1. 4406 Oxford to Weymouth St SRTS (south side)

2. 4508 Oxford to 4406 Oxford SRTS (south side)

3. 10715 Clermont to 4504 Oxford SRTS (south side)

4. 4600 Oxford to 4700 Oxford SRTS

5. Shelley Court, Oxford Street

6. Oxford, Clermont, Shelley Court

7. Oxford, Kenilworth, Strathmore
8. Oxford, Shelley Court, Keswick

9. Oxford between Keswick and Weymouth

 Raleigh      Raleigh Ave from Strathmore to Cambria

1. Rokeby 11100 Block -Argyle

2. Rokeby 11100 to 11200 block

3. Rokeby 11300 Block to 11100 Block

4. Rokeby between Albemarle and Argyle

5. Rokeby between Clyde and Kenilworth
6. Rokeby North End

7. Rokeby South End, CSX Parking Lot

 Shelley Court      Shelley Court, Oxford Street

1. Strathmore and Montrose

2. Strathmore between Clermont and Montrose

3. Strathmore between Kenilworth and Montrose

4. Strathmore and Clermont Ave.

5. Strathmore Ave. between Raleigh and town Boundary


1. Waverly Ave between Triangle and Montrose

2. Waverly between Kenilworth and Montrose


1. Weymouth from Oxford to Strathmore Ave.

2. Weymouth and Strathmore Intersection

3. Weymouth from dead end to Oxford

4. Weymouth from Strathmore Ave. to past Oxford