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The Arboretum Committee

The Committee advises the Town Council on the management of tree and perennial plantings in the Town rights–of–way and public spaces. Up to seven members serve for five years each and are appointed by the Mayor:




Sean Conlan


March 2027

Charles Andrews


June 2024

Lizzie Glidden-Boyle


June 2026

Jill Joseph


March 2025

Jane McClintock


February 2028

Malcolm Russell-Einhorn


March 2026

Jim Sullivan


October 2024

Phil Normandy

Arboretum Consultant


Gerilee Bennett

Council Liaison


What the Arboretum Committee does:

The Arboretum Committee works with the Town Arborist to determine appropriate tree species and cultivars for the sping and fall plantings. This includes developing tree selection criteria and ensuring that the criteria is followed. The Arboretum Committee serves as the custodian of the Comprehensive Arboretum Plan (CAP) and supports its implementation.

The Arboretum Committee also shares current and accurate information with Town Council and the Town residents in a number of ways. This includes providing advice on tree-related matters that come before Town Council as well as sharing anticipated budget needs with Town Council and Town Staff when the annual budget is being created.

With the Consulting Arborist, the Arboretum Committee maintains the Online Map of Town Trees as well as a complete inventory of Town Trees. Tree walks and articles in the Garrett Park Bugle educate residents about both the history and the current status of the Arboretum.  

Comprehensive Arboretum Plan

In 2018-19, a plan was developed to provide the Town with a framework for managing and improving the Arboretum now and in the future. A complete inventory of all trees and other woody plants under Town management was also created.

Part I:  History, Policies, and Current Collection

Part II:  Operating Procedures

Natural Resources Design Presentation of the Plan to Residents 10/23/19

Town Ordinances

In 1898, one of the Town’s earliest official acts was to pass legislation to preserve Garrett Park's sylvan setting by officially protecting its trees and shrubs. In 1977, Garrett Park officially established itself as an Arboretum and since then has planted many hundreds of trees and shrubs, including rare and unusual varieties. 

Ordinances exist to protect trees and shrubs on Town property: 
Sections 715-717 of the Town Code

Information for Homeowners

Answers to questions about Town trees and other useful resources. More 

If you need to speak with the Arboretum Consultant, please reach out to the Town Office so staff can connect you.


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2024 Minutes2 documents

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  • Arboretum minutes 2-21-24 approved.pdf
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2023 Minutes9 documents

  • Arboretum minutes 12-05-23 approved.pdf
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  • Arboretum Minutes 10.18.2023.pdf
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  • Arboretum Minutes 09.13.2023.pdf
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  • Arboretum Minutes 8.16.2023.pdf
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  • Arboretum Minutes 06.21.2023.pdf
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  • Arboretum Minutes 4.19.2023.pdf
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  • Arboretum Minutes 03.15.2023.pdf
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  • Arboretum minutes 02.15.2023.pdf
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  • Arboretum Minutes 01.18.2023.pdf
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