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Information for Homeowners

What defines a Town tree

Every property in Garrett Park has a portion that belongs to the Town (rather than to the individual property owner) known as the “right of way.” The Town has jurisdiction over trees planted in the right of way and is responsible for their maintenance. The Town also manages the trees in public spaces such as Porcupine Woods.

Here are the right-of-way survey maps for every section of Garrett Park.  Check the appropriate map if you have a question about a particular tree being on Town or private property.

How to identify specific trees

All Town trees are tagged with round metal tags stamped with the tree’s ID number. Locate the tag for the tree in question and note the ID number.

Here is the online map showing all Town trees. You can find the trees close to your property by entering your street address into the search window. Enlarge the area with the + button. 

 You’ll see numbers appear on the tree icons. Click on a number to view a pop-up window displaying the Latin name, common name, and trunk diameter size at breast height for that tree.

If you have a question about a Town tree

If you have a question about a Town tree, please contact Town Manager Barbara Matthews. The Town Manager will have the tree(s) in question assessed by the Town's Consulting Arborist and/or designated Tree Care Contractor and will let you know the intended course of action. 

Approval for removal of trees in the Town right of way must be granted in writing from the Town Council.

Landscaping in the Town Right-of-Way

Please be mindful of the Town Code requirements on landscaping, maintenance, and the use of the Town right-of-way planting strip - and especially the following:

Section 715 (a) (2): “On corner lots, no shrubs or planting of any kind exceeding 3 feet in height when fully grown shall be planted within 20 feet of the return of the curb line on said corner.”

Section 715 (a) (3) “In no case shall the unpaved street area of any Town street be landscaped in any manner that will inhibit or impede pedestrian use of a 5 foot wide walkway, sidewalk or pathway; provided, however, that this restriction shall not preclude the planting of grass or the laying of a brick walk or flagstone in such area.”

Generally speaking, Garrett Park lots have a Town right-of-way (ROW) that extends from the street into the yard of the property. The size of the ROW depends on the property, and you can determine your lot's Town ROW by looking at the ROW maps. Another Code provision relevant to landscaping in the Town ROW is below:

Section 715 (c) “No person who landscapes or otherwise maintains an unpaved street area dedicated to public use abutting his property shall be entitled to any right, title or interest in said dedicated right-of-way nor to any remuneration from the Town because of monies expended for landscaping...”

We appreciate your help in keeping our streets safe for fellow pedestrians and drivers.